Bamboo Dental Floss


🌱ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO CHARCOAL / CORN FLOSS - 100% biodegradable. Made from sustainable bamboo, activated charcoal, biodegradable polyester, grapefruit seed extract, candelilla wax, mint oil, and nothing more. Will naturally biodegrade in 6 months

🌱IT'S 100% VEGAN - This super strong dental floss is made of activated bamboo charcoal to remove plaque and detoxify. It also contains a small amount of polyester to provide strength for the floss. It's waxed with plant-based candelilla wax and has fresh peppermint flavor. TreeBird floss will glide between your teeth with ease and won't break even in the tightest space. It's suitable for people with sensitive gums. No animal testing!

🌱REUSABLE BOTTLE- Made using 100% recyclable glass instead of wasteful plastic, the packaging of this eco dental floss is not only better for the environment - but fully reusable too. Enabling you to continue using it to store more floss or floss picks when this entire 30m is used up, this glass floss holder is made to be versatile and long-lasting.


🌱BETTER ORAL HYGIENE- Instead of flossing with plastic between your teeth, this impressive 30m of tooth floss is gentle and all-natural. Made using corn instead of harmful plastic, this biodegradable floss is ideal for those suffering with bleeding gums.




🌱FRESH & CLEAN - Perfect thickness and strength to glide between teeth, small spaces, and tight gaps grabbing plaque without shredding or breaking. Mild fresh mint flavor. Naturally antiseptic ingredients help improve oral health



🌱A BETTER CHOICE - Our floss is perfect for all of you who are trying to take or are already taking a more eco-friendly approach to the world. Good on you! With this offer, you get one glass bottle floss holder with one spool of bamboo charcoal floss that is 33 yards long. The glass container is refillable and you can use it for as long as you please. The packaging can go straight to your compost pile as it's made of Kraft paper and printed with soybean ink.


🌱GUILT-FREE PACKAGING - We are constantly working towards making our packaging as green as possible. At the moment we pack all our products in a small compostable Kraft paper box. Even the ink we use is made of soy-bean that breaks down quicker than petroleum or oil-based inks. The stickers on the packaging are there to avoid any dust getting in there and are made of compostable plant-based material. All for a greener and cleaner planet!





🌱GUARANTEE Whilst we're certain you'll love your eco-friendly biodegradable dental floss if you're not completely satisfied simply let us know within 30 days to receive a full refund - no strings attached.


🌱MORE PLASTIC-FREE OPTIONS  Give our vegan floss a try and hit the "add to cart" button. In case you're also looking for a new toothbrush then make sure you purchase our value pack bamboo toothbrush set for a true eco-friendly oral hygiene experience! Planet Earth approved!